autism reflection

4-6 pages 1000 word minimum

i have attached a sample paper, course materials

my Hussman center program was about making different foods in the microwave, the program included some participants that were autistic.

paper will be about:

-Personal growth: Students need to demonstrate personal growth. How did your ideas and feelings about
autism, disability, and diversity change as a result of Hussman Center and classroom experiences? Do
you have new thoughts about family issues? Did IDHP 300 impact your choice of major, your career, or
your life goals? How have you changed as a person? What do you think you will do differently now as a
result of having taken IDHP 300? Will you advocate in society in a different way? Keep in mind, students
need to be specific. If, for example, you say these experiences made you a more patient person, what
specifically happened to engender this? Provide specific details of moments that changed you as a
brother, an ally, a self-advocate… If you think you will go about being a special education teacher
differently now, why? What motivated the changes?

-Synthesis between experiences and course concepts: Students synthesize their experiences with what
they learned in class. This requires you to describe Hussman Center experiences in sufficient detail and
to connect those details to the course concept you are exploring. Although Hussman Center experiences
were cut short, everyone in IDHP 300 should be able to come up with 3 or 4 things that happened to you
in your service-learning programs or a Friday Night Social Group that connect strongly to all of the
course concepts we have been discussing and learning about. You may also include your reactions to
what our self-advocate visitors shared when they came to our classroom. Expect to include 3 – 5 good,
detailed examples of things that happened to you that connect directly and strongly to course concepts,
and be sure to challenge yourself to look at those concepts in new ways.

-Synthesis between experiences and course materials: Students synthesize their Hussman Center service learning experiences with course materials, and to do so, they reference at least TWO (2) assigned
readings, videos, or movies. Students show how these materials connect to specific Hussman Center
experiences, providing sufficient detail and strong analysis.

• Use Times New Roman 12 point font
• Double space your paper and use 1” margins
• Your paper should be 4 – 6 pages. Minimum word count = 1000.
• Include a title page and a page of references. You are not required to include an abstract.
• Follow APA rules throughout the paper: title page, section headers, in-text citations, and references.

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