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Instead of completing a case study, please complete the following activity.

Imagine you find out that you are graduating tomorrow. Are you ready? As you know, the first step in performing well and being a successful manager is planning. This does not mean diving in and learning the hard way or figuring it out as you go. It means, thinking it through, anticipate bumps in the road, preparing a game plan and executing. For this exercise, select one of the following questions below to answer. These are discussion questions that could be asked in an interview. Use the same rubric (attached) to ensure you give a well-thought, professional response.

Select one of the following to answer:

1. Describe 3 techniques or procedures that managers can use to determine whether a goal is difficult.

2. Provide 3 solid points on why managers should try to use positive reinforcement rather than negative reinforcement.

3. Give 3 professional arguments why some people have low instrumentalities even when their managers distribute outcomes based on performance.

4. Describe what transformational leadership is and explain how managers can engage in it by providing 3 examples.

5. What are 3 reasons that explain why some work groups have low levels of cohesiveness?

6. When you are a manager, what are 3 steps you will take to reduce social loafing by members of your staff to ensure they are performing with the highest quality?

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