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Based on the country (or countries) you are analyzing for your global business enterprise, research information related to the following areas:

Assuming that you are trying to establish Top Golf in “India” answer the following

Economic and Financial Risks

Identify key areas of uncertainty related to level of economic development, infrastructure, and changing economic conditions in the country being considered for business operations. (A weak infrastructure or volatile currency increases the risk of doing business in a foreign market.)

Social and Cultural Risks

Discuss customs, traditions, and social values in your proposed location that could create risks for the enterprise. (Religious beliefs or the role of family can affect uncertainty when starting and implementing an international business operation.)

Political and Legal Risks

Analyze the uncertainty that might be created by political stability, corruption potential, and business regulations. (Required labeling, tariffs, or ownership restrictions may be encountered in various nations.)

Risk Management Techniques

Compare various risk reduction strategies available when doing business in other countries. (Common risk management methods include insurance, diversification of product line, strategic alliances with local partners, and employing local managers.)

In a separate Word document (3-5 pages), prepare a summary report consisting of the following components:

  • A description of economic, social, and political-legal risks that might be encountered with the proposed global business enterprise.
  • Recommend risk management techniques that might be taken for these international business operations. Provide evidence to support your recommendations.


  • Length: 3-5 pages
  • References: APA Style

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