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Physical security

Any organization requires effective security so that it can operate efficiently. Security must always be the number one priority within any organization. Security can be physical or non-physical. In this case, we will talk about physical security importance in an organization (Silva, 2019). Additionally, we will also determine the main approaches, models, and ways that an organization needs to adopt for effective physical security. Physical security is the protection of hardware, software, network data, and information from authorized attacks such as terrorism, vandalism, natural disasters, and accidental damage.

Physical security is important based on several reasons. One of the major reasons why it is important is that physical security lowers the loss of the majority assets, data, and equipment. Additionally, physical security makes it hard for attackers to bypass through different layers of security. Therefore, when they try to bypass, the security personnel will find them hence being important (Jeong, Lee & Lim, 2019). This is important especially when the defense-in-depth method is applied. Physical security measures start with the doors. The doors must have locks that are good and difficult to open especially by the authorized users.

When it comes to the network devices in the server room, use rack-mount servers for physical protection. They usually contain mounting slots that are called bays (Silva, 2019). They are specifically designed to hold different servers so that they can be bolted and screwed hence being hard to displace. Furthermore, portable devices like laptops and flash disks need to be safely kept after use. This will give room for the attackers to access the details within the devices and use them in malicious ways (Han, 2018).

When it comes to the models of physical security, we have administrative controls, physical controls, and technical controls (Jeong, Lee & Lim, 2019). administrative controls include site planning, designing, construction, and location of the business facility. Technical involves various layers of security such as smart cards audit systems and intrusion detection systems. Smartcards are important since they are a form of authentication that may involve a PIN or password. Physical controls involve setting up a security perimeter around the facility. The entry must be protected whereby only people with badges and card readers can be allowed inside the premises. Furthermore, the use of motion detectors is also important in this case as well.


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