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An important focus of this course is to understand the intersection of culture, society and schools, classrooms, and individuals. This assignment provides an opportunity for you to reflect on yourself as a culture bearer and on the influence of education in your life. We each have a narrative that defines us to date. That narrative has many aspects and is your story. In your writing, address the following as your story to date. Use the questions below to build your narrative. The aim of the Critical Educational Autobiography is to explore key experiences, inside and outside of school, that have shaped who you are as a person, and your journey into teaching. As you write discuss the following:

  • Identity: How do you identify with regards to race, class, gender, sexual orientation, language, and/or ability? What privileges do you have and/or barriers do you face because of these identities (both inside and outside of school)?
    • What are some key life (out-of-school) events that shaped your views about your social, cultural and academic identities?
  • Key Educational Experiences: What are some key educational experiences that shaped your views about teaching and learning, the role of the educator and the purpose of education?
    • Identify and discuss some positive AND negative learning/teaching experiences and how they have shaped you as a learner and inform the type of educator you hope to become.
  • Social/Political Context:
  • Journey into Teaching/Your Chosen Career: Who/What shaped your beliefs about the goals of education, the role of teachers and your vision for yourself as an educator?\
    • What key people impacted your experiences as a learner and peaked your interest in becoming a teacher or entering your chosen career?
    • What do you hope to accomplish as an educator/in your future role?

    It is important to dig
    deeply and critically reflect in order to identify some of
    the internalized messages and beliefs that may be impacting your
    views on teaching and learning. However, only share what you feel comfortable
    may present your autobiography in any of the following formats, however you
    must explain at some point why you chose to present your narrative in this way:
    o Written Paper (Could
    be a straightforward writing of your story or a more creative short story
    format as if someone else was telling your story)
    o PowerPoint, Prezi,
    Google Slides, FlipGrid or some other similar format of a presentation (MUST
    o Poem, Song, Cartoon,
    Drawing or some other artistic representation (May require a short written
    piece to explain)

  • Minimum 3 pages …

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Assignment Solutions


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