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question 1

The Mexican War for Independence was vigorously roused by the American Revolution just as Enlightenment thoughts of freedom, fairness, and progress. José María Morelos’ “Opinions of the Nation,” which established the framework for Mexico’s inevitable constitution, obviously mirror these standards. It comprises of 23 focuses laid out for Mexico’s constitution. Considerably more, the report proposes 3 parts of government and calls for everybody to be equivalent under the law. In any case, simultaneously, Morelos additionally looks to maintain strict avoidance and progressions, as Morelos suggests that lone the Catholic religion ought to be endured and that no one but Americans can hold open office, which I thought was fascinating in light of the fact that opportunity of religion was a center precept in the establishing of the United States. Do you think Morelos was double-dealing in drafting his focuses? What’s your opinion of Morelo’s 23 focuses all in all? Do you think Morelo was to a greater degree more of a liberal or conservative?

question 2

When reading this weak a theme of freedom reigns with revolution. In “Sentiments of the Nation” by Morelos, he outlines the ideal New Spain from his own perspective. A major point that he contributes is “that slavery is proscribed forever, as well as the distinctions of caste, so that all shall be equal; and the only distinction between one American and another shall be that between vice and virtue”. (Morelos 190) He wishes for everyone to be free. Morelos writings and ideals differed from the written Constitution of 1824. In “Problems of Modern Mexican History”, the Constitution of 1824 outlines key point that both agree and negate some teachings of Morelos. One similarity of the two is that Catholicism is to be the national religion and no tolerance for any other is to be had. (Problems 35) A major difference is that the excerpt of the Constitution of 1824 in Problems does not mention that slavery is to be abolished. It only claims a separation of the Mexican nation from the Spanish Government. (Problems 35) Both people and groups were concerned with being true to their religion but only one side saw slavery as a major enough sin to abolish it. This includes the slavery system that was hidden as the caste system in Mexico. Why is it that even though the two factions that were representatives of the same religion differed in morals and ethics so greatly? They gained their independence, but did they gain freedom from their internal affairs?

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