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Answer the following posts with a minimum of 2 sources.

Post 1) What if you are a probation officer and one your adult probationers had a condition of probation that requires them to stay away from establishments serving alcohol. You see her at a local club, The Place Across the Street with friends. You are the last person she expected to see at the club. Neither she nor her friends appear to be drinking. How would you deal with the situation? Would your approach be different if her friends were drinking? What if she was drinking? Are there challenges to reentry presented in this scenario? Include references

Post 2)Discuss the pros and cons of prison privatization. Which side do you support? Why? Support your position with research. Use critical thinking by exploring all aspects of privatization, including prison labor. Reference American Denial when applicable. Cite references in APA format.

Post 3)

Watch Fixing the System if you haven’t already. Present your thoughts in the discussion thread. Offer possible solutions.

Post 4)Find and explore the sex offender registration site for your state. In addition, review (Links to an external site.). Enter your address and report your findings. Should sex offenders be treated differently from other offenders? Why or why not? Are registration laws effective? What about laws restricting residency? Support your answer with peer-reviewed research.

Post 5)Discuss the life of a prison inmate Address the unique challenges of female inmates.

Post 6)Do juveniles have sufficient constitutional protections and rights? Should juveniles have the same rights as adults? Why or why not? How old do you think that juveniles should be before they are tried as adults? At what age do you believe they should know the difference between right and wrong? What factors should be considered? Explain your response.

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