Answer 7 questions using attached documents

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I need to answer the following questions based on the attachments below….not a formal writing paper. For questions 4-7, see attachment titled WA#3 Final draft.

This discussion topic is designed to provide you the opportunity to examine a full set of four-source, six-source, and literature review essays written by previous students in WRTG 391. Exploring a set of papers in this way can help you examine your strengths and weaknesses as you complete the literature review.

In Content, you will see a folder called “Sample Sets of Papers for WRTG 391 From Previous Students.” When you select that folder, you will see several sets of papers. Please download one set of papers. Peruse the three papers in the set. Then answer the following questions:

1. Did the student expand his or her topic from the four-source essay to the six-source essay? Or did the student narrow his or her topic from the four-source essay to the six-source essay?

2. Compare the four-source essay to the literature review. What challenges do you think the student encountered as he or she proceeded from the four-source essay to the final paper?

3. In the literature review, did the student cite more than one source in each category? Comment on one of the categories and describe how the student synthesized the sources.

4. Based upon your own transition from WA #3 to WA #4, what are 3-5 criteria that you will be using to better the essay?

5. What 3 elements of grammar will you be keeping in mind as you proofread?

6. What 3 elements of punctuation?

7. Restate your one-sentence thesis, including all 4 categories that will be explored in WA #4.

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