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Instructions: You are to analyze some relationship you are in presently in one of the following contexts: work, family, friends, intimate, or school. You need to pick someone that you have some type of relationship with and analyze the communication in that relationship. Clearly, you cannot focus on everything, so you must pick one, two, or three areas of of focus (concepts/themes) that you feel apply to the dynamics of the relationship. For example, concepts may include listening, emotions, use of language, nonverbal communication, dealing with conflict, etc. After you pick your content areas, then you need to do the following.

First, provide a clear introduction and explain the aspects of communication you will be covering. This means the paper should have a clear thesis and preview. Next, in the body of the paper provide a detailed overview of the relationship you are analyzing so the reader can understand the analysis. Next, analyze the various areas of communication as they apply to your relationship:

Define the first concept (assume your reader has never heard of these concepts before).

Describe how the communication variable has impacted the relationship. Discuss why you believe the relationship has been so successful or unsuccessful. Make sure you cite specific examples of events to support your viewpoint.

Finally, discuss how you think the relationship might change, or improve, if you or the other person involved would change communication skills. Do this for each concept you identify.

End you paper with an overall conclusion of your perception of the relationship.

For example, I might pick my relationship with my husband. I could say that I feel our relationship has been successful because of 1) how we deal with emotions, 2) the type of listening skills we use, and 3) the way we deal with conflict. I would describe each of these communication concepts in detail, using key terms and explaining them in my own words. Then I would provide examples of how we do this (make examples substantive). Finally, I would give great thought to how we can make things better, by focusing on my communication behaviors, my husband’s or both of our behaviors.


3 – 4 pages in length

Double spaced, 12-point font

Follow a clear format

Use proper grammar and spelling

Proofread your paper for errors and clarity before submitting to Canvas

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions


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