Analyze the article A Coronavirus Quarantine in America Could Be a Giant Legal Mess

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MLA format

no grammar mistakes or comma spices

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must have a outline and works cited page

must be at least 8 paragraphs. Each paragraph should have 6-8 sentences.

Article link

Your paper as a whole should be in essay form, including reasons and sub-reasons, and should have a coherent organization to it. Your writing should be such that the impact on the reasoning of your answers to the critical thinking questions is clear. When you identify and discuss ambiguous terms/phrases and value and descriptive assumptions, it should be clear to the reader how your analysis and evaluation influences the reasoning structure; that is, show how any ambiguity or assumption influences how you might react to the reasoning.

Discuss the soundness of the author’s critical thinking by identifying and analyzing the following aspects of the article:

  • Issue
  • Conclusion
  • Reasons
  • Evidence
  • Ambiguous Language
  • Context
  • Have a compelling, original title.
  • Put forward a clearly focused thesis that evaluates the soundness of the author’s critical thinking based on an examination of its components.
  • Use a balance of clearly attributed and properly documented summary, paraphrase, and direct quotation for representing the ideas and language of the article.
  • Include at least one short quote from the work under analysis. By definition, a short quote is under four typed lines and is not indented.
  • Be 3 pages in length, submitted in MLA format with in-text citations and a separate Works Cited page with your primary source.
  • No secondary sources are to be consulted or referenced on this assignment. Therefore, only your primary text (the article itself) will be listed on your Works Cited page

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