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In the readings and video this week, we examined the process of creating reciprocal relationships with the families of children in our care. Reciprocal relationships:

  • Are two-way relationships where information and power is shared between the parties
  • Require respect, trust, cooperation, and shared responsibility
  • Need open communication and a willingness to negotiate differences to be successful.

We also studied ways create a caring community of learners in our classrooms and schools. In this week’s discussion, we will apply principles from the readings and/or video to a scenario involving a teacher in a child care program. Please watch the two short videos and then answer the questions posted below.

Video 1: China is a teacher in an NAEYC accredited program that serves children birth through five years of age. China’s program is a large full-day community child care center. She has become concerned about Aaron, a four-year-old boy in her classroom. In this video, she shares a dilemma about how to express her concerns regarding little Aaron with his father (also Aaron.) (Running time: 2 min. 12 sec.)

Video 2: Aaron, the father of little Aaron, a 4-year-old boy in a preschool classroom, shares his story and goals for his family’s future. (Running time: 1 min. 37 sec.)

Question 1: The first three readings this week address creating a caring community of learners and guiding behavior in young children. What strategy or approach from our readings could China use to guide Aaron’s behavior and promote positive social-emotional development? Why? (There are many ways to approach challenging behaviors. Please select just one approach and explain why it might be effective in this situation. Please reference the title and page number of the article you used.)

Question 2: What strategy or approach from the Week 4 readings, or from the“Family and Community Engagement” video that you viewed this week, could China use in deciding how to communicate her concerns regarding Aaron with his father? Why might this approach be effective? (There are many different ways in which China could approach the situation. Please select just one approach or strategy and explain why you believe it would be effective in this situation. Please reference the title and page number of the article or the ‘minute number’ of the “Family and Community Engagement”video.)

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