ADV442 Michigan State University ?Writing a Digital Analytics Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter to apply for a job/grad school position in Digital Analytics

It is worth 100 points.

Format requirements

Two pages single-spaced

Approximately, 1,000 – 1,200 words, with 6 pt spacing between paragraphs

Times New Roman, size 12

Margins: 1 inch

Imagine the following scenario. You are preparing an application for a job or internship position of a digital analyst at an advertising agency or a commercial or non-profit organization. Alternatively, you are applying for a master’s program specializing in digital analytics. Describe your qualifications in the field of digital analytics in a two-page cover letter. It is up to you to which company/organization/graduate program/university to apply. You can apply for a fictitious or existing position.

I am leaving it to you to decide how to structure your cover letter. I will be looking for the following elements that you should discuss in it.

1)You should mention your passion for digital analytics and explain why it inspires you J. Specify which areas are particularly appealing to you and why.

2)List the skills that you obtained in the ADV 442 class as part of your qualifications in digital analytics. Mention skills in using specific software and online tools.

3)Describe the wide spectrum of analyses that you can do based on what you have learned throughout the course. Show that you are familiar with the digital analytics terminology.

4)Talk about the ethics of using digital analytics skills. What will make you an ethical professional in the filed of digital analytics? As a future professional, how will you deal with ethical challenges (e.g., privacy) that we discussed in class?

5)Provide insights about how your skills in finding meaningful data patterns as well as storytelling with quantitative data will help the company/organization that you will work for to conduct efficient, creative, and ethical digital advertising campaigns.

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