A quick 2 part Psychology writting assignment

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part 1

Please answer the following questions IN YOUR OWN WORDS:

1. What is the cross-cultural approach to research?

2. What is the multicultural approach to research?

3. Give one example of each.

4. Do you think the cross-cultural approach or the multicultural approach to research is more interesting? Why?

* In your responses, be sure to use paragraph formatting, complete sentences and proper grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc.

Part 2

The following is the abstract of a published journal article about a psychology study. Please read it carefully and determine whether or not it is a true experiment. Remember that experiments must have the following 5 elements:

-Independent variable

-Dependent variable

-Control group

-Experimental group

-Random assignment

In your written assignment for this module, please answer the following questions IN YOUR OWN WORDS:

1. Is this a true experiment or not?

2. If it is not a true experiment, what kind of study is it? How do you know this? Be specific in your answer.

3. If it is a true experiment, what is the:

a) Independent variable

b) Dependent variable

c) Control group

d) Experimental group

e) Random assignment

4. Do you think this is a good, strong scientific study? Why or why not? *

In your responses, be sure to use complete sentences and proper grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. *


Children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) exhibit significant academic impairments, as evidenced by poor academic achievement, grade retention, and school dropout. Deficits in organization skills may contribute to these academic impairments, as children with ADHD frequently lose assignments, misplace their completed work, and have difficulty planning for tests. The present study examined the pilot efficacy of an 8-week organization skills intervention for children with ADHD. Thirty-seven children were randomly assigned to receive the intervention immediately or to a wait-list control. Participants made significant improvements in organization and homework management skills during the intervention and these gains were maintained at 8-week follow-up. Parents of children in the intervention group reported decreased homework problems. Children in the intervention group also demonstrated pre-post gains on teacher ratings of academic impairment and GPA. This study suggests that targeted academic skills interventions have the potential to improve overall academic performance among children with ADHD.

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