A 900 words paper for an English Composition Course

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A paper about analyzing structure and content of an essay with at least 900 words. Please use formal language and appropriate vocabularies, and also write thoroughly.

Understanding how arguments work in the real world is the first step to creating our own effective arguments. Thus, for the Argument Analysis assignment, you will analyze the structure and content of the following essay:

Raising a multilingual family is hard – what makes it work? (Links to an external site.)” by Olga Mecking, Aeon (PDF

When you are ready to start composing your analysis, make sure to review the chapters “An Introduction to Argument,” “The Four Pillars of Argument,” and “Writing a Rhetorical Analysis” in Practical Argument.

In your analysis you must

  1. identify the thesis of the essay in question
  2. describe the types of evidence used by the author to defend the thesis, and
  3. assess whether the evidence is logical and effective.

A superior analysis may also identify the assumptions made in the essay and assess whether readers are likely to agree with those assumptions.

Your analysis should present a thesis and offer convincing evidence in support of every claim that you make.

Additional important requirements:

Content: The analysis should identify the thesis of the reading in clear terms or explain why the thesis is ambiguous. In the assessment of the evidence, the student should explain what types of evidence are used, describe the rhetorical dimensions of the evidence, and make a case for whether the evidence is effective. It isn’t important that the rhetorical devices be explicitly named, but an understanding of argumentation and at least some element of rhetoric should be evident.

Organization and Coherence: The paragraphs and whole document should have a clear and effective structure. Paragraphs will include transitional elements and identify topics in topic sentences. A clearly worded thesis statement should address the quality of the evidence in the reading analyzed.

Mechanics: Papers should feature correct or error-free presentation of ideas. At the weak end of the satisfactory range, papers may contain a few spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors that remain unobtrusive and do not obscure the paper’s argument or points.

Style: Every paper should be clear, concise, and coherent. In this unit, proper word usage, conciseness, and active voice were emphasized because they affect all three elements of good essay style.

Argument and Support: In order to be a convincing analysis, the paper must prove claims or illustrate points by drawing from the reading, quoting directly or paraphrasing relevant passages.

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