5 page paper due by Sunday, July 5, 2020

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The memo should be approximately 5 pages long, and must include a summary of the main points of the reading, your thoughts about the reading, and 6 discussion questions. Please note that this assignment also requires you to lead the online discussion for the week. As the discussion leader, you should respond to questions from your group mates, add additional commentary to keep the discussion going, etc.

There are three documents that you will have to read. All three articles are to be read. Afterwards, write a combined discussion/ memo off of those three articles.

The Discussion Leader Memos are based on analysis of all indicated readings for the weeks assigned. Therefore, your memo will focus on the articles by Kellough & Nigro (2006), Brewer & Kellough (2016), and McGrath (2013) exploring Employment At-Will conditions in public employment at the state level.

At the end of the paper, please create 6 discussion questions related to what you have read for me to present to the class. I will need to know what article and page you found this information for the question on and where the answer to the question can be found. The questions should get the class thinking? These questions can range from simple to intermediate. I am looking for nothing where they will have to stress over. The class setting is intellectual yet laid back, however, the paper needs to be well written and informative. It should be a question that can be discussed throughout the class. I will attach an example of the memo and question when after connecting with a tutor. Thank you.

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