4 Questions of English Literature about “Lovers and Fighters”, “Dr. Jekyll and Hyde” and “The importance of being Earnest”.

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Mod 1: Lovers and Fighters:

Choose 1 question to respond to. Be detailed and analytical in your response

1. How do Shakespeare’s sonnets explore, explain, and encapsulate the states of love? Give examples.


2, Choose 1 poem and 1 story from this module on the states of love that these 2 issues–desire and loneliness.How are those 2 topics represented?


3 Choose 1 work (“Sweat” or “Hills like White Elephants” or “Babylon Revisited”) and explain how that short story is an example of modernism and relationships.


MOD 3: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:

There are 3 questions to consider in this section. Choose one to answer. Be analytical and give examples.

A. What makes Stevenson’s book an example of detective fiction and Utterson a

detective? Give examples from the book to support your points.


B. Explain what elements of gothic fiction and the grotesque we can see in

Stevenson’s book. Give examples from the book to support points.


C. How are the book’s setting, depiction of social issues, and themes make Jekyll and Hyde a document for understanding 19th-century British culture? Give examples.


MOD 4: The Importance of Being Earnest:

There are 3 questions to choose from. Pick 1 to respond to.

1. What elements of farce are present in Wilde’s play, and how is « different from this genre? Explain the term and give examples from the play.


2. Wilde’s play is a document of the Victorian era and its values. What social and cultural aspects of that society is the play mocking and satirizing, and why? Give examples from the play in your analysis


3 Explain the popularity of Wilde’s play for both its original audience and actors in 1895 and tor

today’s readers (like students), theatre goers, and acting companies. What does the play offer? Give examples


Reading gives us pleasure. It can be fun entertainment. But over the last few years, there have been numerous media reports about the research being conducted on the

other impacts reading has on our lives. Recent studies from universities in Europe

(e.g., University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester) and North America {e.g.,

Harvard, Yale, University of Toronto) have found scientific evidence that reading

benefits our mental, physical, and social health.

Here is a list of the 12 advantages of why reading is good for us:

increases knowledge, improves memory, stabilizes mood,

sharpens concentration, promotes empathy, refines critical-thinking capacity,

builds vocabulary, enhances creativity, refines writing skills,

reduces loneliness/depression, develops our tolerance for ambiguity/uncertainty,

helps us grow into more Interesting and cultured humans.

Choose 1 reading from the course material (poem, short fiction, novel or play. Apply the above criterion to the example of your choice that we studied and explain how and why that particular reading benefited you. in other words, what did it mean to you personally? What did you learn about yourself, others, and the world? Be reflective and analytical in your response. The response will be graded on its creativity, organization, argument, analytical capabilities, clarity, and correct use of language.

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