300 words or more that provides a thorough and substantive overview of all of the modules.

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Module 1

  • Using the concepts discussed in this chapter, describe your local probation department. What is its structure? What management functions are performed and by whom? What people and organizations outside the agency exert an influence on it? How does that influence show in organizational structure or process?
  • Explain the difference between centralized and decentralized organization. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type of agency.

Module 3

  • Discuss the differences between the human relations school and the behavioral school of management. Debate which school criminal justice organizations typically lean on and why?
  • Examine the concept of a “new criminal justice”. Discuss why a concept that necessitates the involvement of the entire community may be difficult to implement. Using Project Safe Neighborhoods as an example. What might communities like and dislike about such programs?

Module 4

  • Discuss the limitations of leadership in criminal justice organizations. Do the best individuals become criminal justice administrators or managers? If not, why not? In addition, are many of the problems associated with or attributed to criminal justice leadership really leadership problems? Discuss prison overcrowding, for example. Can we expect a prison warden to effectively manage an overcrowded prison?
  • This chapter discusses the importance of structure to the delivery of criminal justice services. Can police organizations or prisons, for example, be less formal and more decentralized in their structures? Why or why not? What goals of police organizations are sacrificed, if any, through decentralization? What about decentralization and employee accountability?

Module 5

  • What type of supervisor do most employees like to work for? A traditional, innovative or supportive supervisor? Do you believe that employee personalities may influence what type of supervisor is favored?
  • Describe the role of ethics in a criminal justice organization. Why do incidences of corruption occur? How can administrators reduce the number of ethical violations?

Module 6

  • Of the types of power described in this chapter, which do you think is the most relevant to a specific agency of the criminal justice system? Are the types of power exhaustive or can you think of others besides the French and Raven typology presented here? Describe the strengths and weaknesses of this typology in criminal justice organizations.
  • Describe a potential conflict situation in a criminal justice setting. Suggest possible ways this conflict could be managed. Also, describe what you believe the role of a criminal justice administrator should be in such a situation, and why. Is there a specific conflict behavior that would be useful to deal with this conflict situation, and what is it?

Module 8

1. Provide a definition of a “change agent”. What ethical responsibilities do change agents have? Discuss what personality traits or characteristics you believe would make a good change agent.

2. Discuss why you think police officers and/or their supervisors may be skeptical of researchers asking questions in and around their department. Why would officers be inclined to cooperate or not cooperate? If you were the police chief how would handle this situation?

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