2020SP-DIRW-0310-23002 2020SP Integrated Reading and Writing (DIRW-0310-23002)

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TRAPPED Directions


To be successful in the following discussion assignments, you should…

  • Write one post which is
    • at least 150 words long
    • in paragraph style with a topic sentence and supporting details
    • coherent
    • thoughtful
    • interesting
    • grammatical.
  • Read ALL your classmates’ posts.
  • Write responses to at least two (2)classmates. Each response should
    • show evidence of careful reading and mental activity
    • be reasonably grammatical.

Discussion Board writing is not as formal as academic writing. You can be more casual here than you can in an essay. Expressions like “OK” are OK here but NOT in formal academic essays. Purple writing, CAPS for emphasis, and excessive punctuation (!!!!!!!!!!) all work here but NOT in academic essays.

The important thing is to communicate your message well. Try to notice the different ways we use English in different kinds of writing.


  • You are free to disagree, but do it respectfully.
  • Tell your story or express your opinion, but don’t preach.
  • Make your post legal, decent, and honest.
  • Speak your mind.
    Each post is worth 10points
    Write 150 words and respond to two classmates 100points
    Write 150 words and respond to one classmate 70points
    Write 150 words 50points
    No post by deadline 0 points

Discussion 4 Options Menu: Forum

Describe how the book is organized? How does the author structure the story and what is happening in and around the mine?

24 23 0 10
Discussion 5 Options Menu: Forum

Answer the following from chapters 5 & 6:

a. Who is Saint Lawrence?

b. According to the mining experts, Dr. Chavez and Ron Mishkin, what is it like “[w]hen you turn off the lights in an underground mine”?

25 21 0 9
Discussion 6 Options Menu: Forum

Several countries and companies sent drills, other heavy equipment, and personnel to the mine to help free the miners, but they weren’t able to do much to help. Why not? Plus, the drill that made it to the depth of the refuge missed the target. Why?

5 5 0 3
Discussion 7 Options Menu: Forum

Answer the following from chapters 9 and 10:

What were “The Turtle” and “The Rabbit”?

0 0 0 0
Discussion 8 Options Menu: Forum

Answer the following from chapter 12:

What was the rescue capsule called and what did it look like?

0 0 0 0
Discussion 9 Options Menu: Forum

The author, Marc Aronson, states that the miners knew that the mine was dangerous, but they went in anyway. What do you think about their decision to work in such a dangerous place? Do you think you would make a similar or a different decision? Explain your answer.

0 0 0 0
Discussion 10Options Menu: Forum

It seems that the mine was not well maintained or managed. For example, the escape ladders that might have allowed the miners to climb out were not finished. This is not just an example of poor management but of disregard for the lives of the men as employees. Despite the problems with the mine, the owners and management never were charged with criminal offenses for endangering the lives of the men. Why weren’t they charged and put on trial?

0 0 0 0
Discussion 11Options Menu: Forum

If you were to “put yourself in the shoes” of one of the miners, especially the three identified by Aronson as “leaders” – Mario Gomez, Mario Sepulveda, Luis Urzua – which one would you choose and what might you have done differently?

0 0 0 0
Discussion 12Options Menu: Forum

The miners were starving but their bodies were in no condition to be able to handle solid food. What did the rescuers do to help them begin recovering physically and emotionally? What mistakes, if any, did the rescuers make?

0 0 0 0
Discussion 13Options Menu: Forum

Despite the problems and difficulties, the miners were successfully rescued. In the Afterword, Aronson states, “The best drills and drillers rushed from more than half a world away to help out. And yet the most important reason the men came home safe was how they behaved when they were totally alone.” Do you agree with Aronson? If not, or in addition, why do you think the miners were able to survive and be rescued?

0 0 0 0
Discussion 14Options Menu: Forum

What does the story of the miners and their successful rescue tell us that might be useful for other similar but unknown situations that might happen in the future?

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