1) When a program deviation occurs, the Program Manager should notify the Milestone Decision Authority within 90 days of the occurrence.

1) When a program deviation occurs, the Program Manager should notify the Milestone Decision Authority within 90 days of the occurrence.



2) The _______ defines design requirements and is primarily documented by the Item Performance Specifications.

   Allocated Baseline

   Product Baseline

   Functional Baseline

   Maintenance Baseline

3) Who usually controls the “build to” or product baseline in an acquisition program?

   DoD Information Technology Standards Registrar



   Subject Matter Expert

4) The Program Manager just received approval of his proposed acquisition strategy with one exception: he has been directed to make maximum use of existing Air Force software. Which of the best software acquisition practices is most applicable to his situation?

   Inspect requirements and design

   Use system based software design

   Use metrics to manage

   Assess reuse risks and cost

5) An Early Operational Assessment is typically conducted to _____________________.

   Identify potential operational effectiveness and suitability issues during system development

   Support the decision to begin low rate initial production (LRIP)

   Meet the requirement to conduct initial operational test and evaluation (IOT&E)

   Track the evolution of critical technical parameters against the system design

6) Problem-solving models typically involve identifying all possible causes, and then narrowing down the critical causal factors to uncover the root cause.



7) Cost, schedule, and performance parameters are interrelated, and a change in one parameter can affect the others. Therefore it is important to involve all the key stakeholders when considering changes to the Acquisition Program Baseline (APB).



8) Which of the following configuration baselines is used to define the overall system level capabilities of a system?

   Functional Baseline

   Item Baseline

   Product Baseline

   Allocated Baseline

9) The primary system interoperability issue is the complete, accurate, and timely transfer of information from one system to another. In order to validate the interoperability of systems, extensive testing is required.



10) The management of internal interface design would usually be the responsibility of the _____________?

   Joint Interoperability Test Command


   Government Program Manager

   Independent Test and Evaluation Agency

11) When using the cause-and-effect (Fishbone) diagram to resolve an acquisition problem, after drawing out a blank fishbone diagram, the next step is to ____________________.

   Identify major cause categories

   Identify the root cause

   Identify possible causes and contributing factors

   Define the problem

12) What are some of the planning challenges that must be considered when taking commercial items and modifying them for military use (Select all that apply)?

   Maintain technical data

   Management of government furnished equipment


   Long-term logistics support

   Availability of test ranges and personnel

13) Where would the initial Functional Baseline be reviewed to ensure that it covers all the Government’s capability needs?

   Critical Design Review

   Preliminary Design Review

   Systems Functional Review

   Test Readiness Review

14) Which technical review is held during the Engineering and Manufacturing Development Phase to assess the final design after the “build to” baseline has been achieved?

   Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

   Test Readiness Review (TRR)

   Critical Design Review (CDR)

   System Requirements Review (SRR)

15) Which of the following is a benefit of integrated developmental testing and operational testing?

   It minimizes the risk of compromising test objectives.

   It helps to save resources by eliminating redundant activities.

   It is required by law.

   It simplifies the test process by making tests easier to coordinate and design.

16) Program cost increases and schedules slips are most likely caused by __________________, changes to the design, and changes to the production processes.

   Changes to the number of systems ordered

   Robust and accurate configuration management

   Well-defined and documented technical data packages

   Changes to user capability needs

17) The Army can transfer excess funds from a Procurement appropriation to a Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) appropriation to cover a funding shortfall of $3 million without prior approval of Congress.



18) As part of the overall systems engineering effort, both the Government and the Contractor conduct configuration management activities, and either can take the lead for a particular configuration item. The contractor is usually responsible for design and control of ___________________, while the Government is responsible for _______________.

   Integrated products /integrated processes

   Internal interfaces / external interfaces

   Technical measures / technical performance measures

   Supportability changes / sustainability changes

19) A Government official who obligates the Government on a contract without having sufficient funds to cover that expense has violated the _______________.

   Anti-Deficiency Act

   Misappropriation Act

   Reprogramming Thresholds

   Bona Fide Need Rule

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