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Questions: What is market efficiency? Are the U.S. capital markets efficient?


In this assignment you are attempting to help the reader understand the concept and win them over to your conclusions.Please write an essay of no more than 500 words. As with the previous essays, be efficient in your writing. 

Your essay should be based on one of these articles. These articles differ in their focus and the level of sophistication, so choose your article carefully. 

Value Creation: The ultimate measure by which a company is judged

The value of value: Fashions are changing in the stock market

Taking the long view: The pursuit of shareholder value is attracting criticism—not all of it is foolish. 

Efficiency and beyond: The Efficient Market Hypothesis has underpinned many of the financial industry’s models for years. After the crash, what remains of it?

And, there is a Rubric


In this essay, I want you to:

1. Identify the article you selected

2. Summarize the key points and conclusion of the article.

3. Describe, given the chosen article, what is meant by market efficiency and how it affects market prices.

4. Given the article’s information and your own views, evaluate maximizing the company’s stock price as the appropriate goal of a corporation.


You can read any of the 4 attached PDF files (except the Rubric), to answer the question above. All I want is that you write a decent essay that won’t be caught for plagiarizing…. So there already is a document on the same topic on this CourseHero, but I don’t want to use it because other people in my class might use it. Thank you in advance.

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